Crash Policy for Global Courses


Global 1 is blocked for declared global majors on Pass 1 in winter quarter and in spring quarter.  

This is to make sure our sophomores can take the class before study abroad junior year. 

We open it to non-majors on pass 2.

Global 2 is not usually blocked.***  Seats are open to all students until filled. 

***** You can take Global 2 before you take Global 1.


We don't set up an on-line wait list for these courses.  There would be too many names on the list.

We take a crash list in the first lecture and see if we can add any more students to the class. 



Global 110, 120 and 130: 

We block on pass 1 for global majors.   If the class fills up, we don't keep a wait list. 

Students who need a core class to graduate should see Jodi Cutler, global studies advisor.

Instructors do not keep wait lists for these required classes.



We usually block on pass 1 for global majors - and for upper division students.

Once these fill up, there is no 'official' wait list.  Sometimes instructors will decide to over-book the class but not always.

Since these are not required courses, there is no dept. policy or procedure for adding students beyond capacity.  It's up to the instructor when the quarter begins.....