Book Launch Party for Professor Clitandre with writer Edwidge Danticat
Book Launch Party for Professor Clitandre with guest writer Edwidge Danticat (May, 2019)

MA Graduate Students Visit Direct Relief

Global Studies Faculty Retreat 2019

Mellon Sawyer Seminar Refugio State Beach Field Trip 2019 (Photo by: Emily Roehl)

UCSB Global Studies Professor Alison Brysk hosts 2018 Mellichamp-Orfalea Human Rights Workshop

Welcome to Global Studies at UCSB

January 2017 marked the seventeenth anniversary of the establishment of UCSB’s pioneering Global & International Studies Program. When established in early 1999, it was widely recognized as one of the nation's first interdisciplinary undergraduate majors in international studies to focus on globalization. Today, the Program is now the Department of Global Studies and has a highly successful Masters Program in Global Studies, a PhD emphasis in Global Studies, and a growing PhD in Global Studies program.

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding globalization as a multidimensional, multi-level and historical process. Global Studies bridges social science and humanistic approaches to analyze the social, cultural, political, environmental, and economic consequences of global flows, institutions, and processes. Global Studies scholarship is motivated by engagement with contemporary transnational social problems across multiple theoretical perspectives and methodologies.

About the Department


On January 31, 2020, a roundtable will be held on "Global Dynamics of Authoritarian Populism" from 9am-12:30pm on UC Santa Barbara's campus in SSMS 2135.

Mellichamp Chair Alison Brysk (Department of Global Studies and Sociology, University of California Santa Barbara) has published a new article in Human Rights Review titled, "Engaged Buddhism as Human Rights Ethos: the Constructivist Quest for Cosmopolitanism." 


Learn more about Theo's dissertation titled Petro-Hegemony and the Carbon Rebellion: Strategies, Narratives and Tactics on the Frontlines of Climate Justice

In naming this area of excellence, the Dean has invited departments across the Division to participate in a multi-year hiring initiative, though which we seek to achieve deep and sustained interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration on Global Migration, in research, teaching, and service.