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Global Studies PhD Student Eugene Riordan, Jr Receives GSA Excellence in Teaching Award AND Dixon-Levy GSA Service Award

Please join us in celebrating Eugene and the other winners at 7pm on May 31 (register here). To learn more about these awards, please see this website.


Global Studies PhD Student Mariah Miller and Anthropology PhD Student MacKenzie Wade Co-teach INT CS 130: Alternative Foods; Alternative Economies in Winter 2022

Mariah Miller and MacKenzie Wade

Miller and Wade created this course through a collaboration with the College of Creative Studies and Graduate Division, thorough the Crossroads 2.0 Program. Please see this link for more information on the course and the Crossroads 2.0 Program.


Global Studies PhD Student Maya Zaynetdinova Awarded IHC Public Humanities Graduate Fellow

Maya Zaynetdinova is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Global Studies, an educator, and content creator. She is researching and writing a blog about sociocultural history of the decentralized technology of blockchain and its impacts on global societies. Maya is particularly interested in blockchain’s potential for environmental activism and sustainable change. She aims to make this complex technology more accessible to the public through her writing and public presenting. Read her IHC article here.


The Department of Global Studies' Colloquium Series is a lecture and lunch series, which has been made possible by the generosity of the Orfalea Endowment for the Master's Program in Global Studies.  The Colloquium Series strives to open and explore a wide range of interdisciplinary debates and their interaction and engagement with the global, hosting new guest speakers each quarter from UCSB and beyond. Professor Jan Nederveen Pieterse is currently the Director of the Colloquium Series. For more information, please contact our Orfalea Colloquium Fellow Brett Aho at:

When?  Various Wednesdays, 12:30-2pm

Where?  Zoom link  (talks will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel)

Who?  The Global Studies Colloquium Series is open to everyone interested in attending the talks.


Special Presentation: Miguel Fuentes' Research Software

Through his higher education programs, Miguel Fuentes has learned how different software can make research give him visually useful results, more in depth analysis and simply easier paths towards writing. Miguel is offering this introductory course to some (or all) the research tools he's encountered through the years: from software to find the literature he needs to write, software that make writing easier —as they break down the parts of an essay or a dissertation—, to software that help him catalog and analyze data in a systematized way. The presentation's goal will be three-fold: 1) skim through different software, 2) go more in depth on how to start using the software, and 3) dialogue with participants on how to use this software according to your needs.

The ability to use qualitative and quantitative methods landed Miguel the job he currently has at the Williams Research Institute, and using this software made it easier to develop advanced skills to do so. If you're entering the job market soon, these are tools that can definitely help make your case during the selection process! If you're an experienced researcher, these tools can make your writing and analysis easier, or can help your RAs manage your data more efficiently. In any case, software can be as useful as you want it to be.


UCSB Global Studies Colloquium Fall 2021 Image




A final word of thanks to each of the speakers who joined us for our 2020-21 Global Studies Colloquium Speaker Series! Below are direct links to each of the talks. All of this year's talks can be found at the UCSB Global Studies YouTube Channel. We hope these insightful talks can be used as teaching resources for our colleauges around the world.


Covid-19: What to do with limited knowledge

Ken Kosik, UCSB Neuroscience Research Institute


Times of collapse: Latin American societies in motion

Raul Zibechi, Montevideo


Religions as worldviews and ways of life

Ann Taves, UCSB Religious Studies


An (im) modest proposal?  Global theory for tough – and not so tough – times

Barrie Axford, Oxford Brookes University


The counter-revolution in logistics: Fast circulation, slow violence and decolonial struggle at Transpacific supply chain

Charmaine Chua, UCSB Global Studies 


Police and the Pandemic: The role of police in India's reverse migration from cities to villages

Vipul Mudgal, New Delhi


Networks in the age of platform capitalism

Geert Lovink, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


In China’s wake: How the commodity boom transformed development strategies in the global South

Nick Jepson, Manchester University


Covid-19 response patterns in Brazil and South America

Adalberto Cardoso/Thiago Peres, Rio de Janeiro


The global and the visual: Images shape people’s common sense of the global

Tommaso Durante, Melbourne


Africa and Covid-19: Ways forward

Mark Swilling and Nina Callaghan, University of Stellenbosch 


States of Justice: The politics of the International Court

Oumar Ba, Morehouse College


Multicultural origins of the global economy

John M. Hobson, Sheffield University  


World literature imagined worldwide

Jernej Habjan, Ljubljana


Rethinking the agrarian question in the 21st century

Ricado Jacobs, UCSB Global Studies


Three tensions in global studies

Mark Juergensmeyer, UCSB Global Studies


The coming good society: New realities demand new rights

Sushma Raman, Harvard


Covid 19, AI and the future of work

Anthony Giddens, London


A conversation on globalization, Asia, China, and US

Walden Bello, Manila


A new rising tide of global social protest? The early 21st century in world-historical perspective

Beverly Silver, JHU


When conspiracy ideas take hold

Wasim Khaled, Blackbird.AI


BRICS de-Americanizing the Internet?

Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University


Socialization of science: The Covid 19 pandemic

Andrea Declich, Luciano d’Andrea, Knowledge and Innovation, Rome


Ethnography of administration: Fiction as practice

Satyajit Singh, UCSB Global Studies


Visit the Colloquium Archive for the full listing of previous speakers:

Visit our YouTube Channel to listen to the recorded talks: