Registration Blocks & Substitutions

Pre-Requisites, Non-Major, No Seats, Etc.

When trying to register, you may be blocked from a course for several reasons:

  1. Major status – course not open to non-majors (i.e. Sociology courses)
  2. Pre-requisite not met – see general catalogue for pre-requisite info.
  3. No seats left or dept. has blocked enrollment
  4. Course blocked for upper division students (90 units or more)

Being a Global Studies major, unfortunately, does not allow you to bypass these blocks even if the course is an elective for the major.

Choose another course!!   Register for other classes that will let you in. See our website during pass times for courses that work for the major.  Make a “back-up” list for courses you couldn’t get into and go to the first lecture to see if they are adding any students. 


I don't recommend e-mailing the professor when you are blocked especially if there are no seats available.  If the class is filled with students who meet the requirements, there's no reason for the instructor to add students or keep track of e-mail messages. If there are empty seats at the end of the 2nd pass, you have a better chance but no guarantees.