Vidisha Rai

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2022


Vidisha Rai (she/her) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a current MA student in Global Studies at UCSB. She received her bachelor's in Communication Studies with a minor in Political Science from San Jose State University. After taking an advanced humanities course for three years at SJSU, she became interested in the interdisciplinary framework for analyzing the globe's most pressing issues.  After her graduation in 2019, Vidisha worked for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, educating tens of thousands of people about the animal treatment, ecological, social justice and health consequences of the national and global factory farming system. As an extension of her work in advocating for worker's rights, animal rights, climate change, and sustainable food systems ,Vidisha hopes to continue finding solutions to climate change and implementing equitable food systems through UCSB's Global Studies program. In her spare time, Vidisha enjoys aspiring to live a sustainable lifestyle, seeing live music, learning about holistic health, meditation, yoga, cooking and going out in nature.