Tymoteusz Chajdas

Graduate Student
PhD Cohort 2015


B.A. (Hons) English Literature and Media Studies. University of Wales, Swansea, United Kingdom. (2012)

M.A. (Merit) International Journalism.
Cardiff University, United Kingdom. (2014)

Ph.D., Global Studies. University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (2022)


Tymoteusz Chajdas received his Ph.D. in Global Studies, an interdisciplinary humanistic social science, with an emphasis in Information Technology & Society.
Bridging the boundaries of political science, development, critical infrastructure research, cultural and urban studies as well as political communication, his doctoral dissertation concentrated on the politics of re-presentation and cultural production of China’s geo-economic rise. More specifically, Tym’s project tracked, historically and conceptually, the strategic mobilization of the “Silk Road imaginary,” which the Chinese state utilized in describing, legitimating, and justifying the unfolding of the Belt and Road Initiative. In his book manuscript, “Silk Road Redux: The Specter of Ambitious China in the 21st Century,” Tym names this projection China’s “geovision” of global connectivity—a spatial reordering that draws its force from enduring global techno-scientific and
socio-cultural imaginaries.
Tym holds B.A. in English Literature and Media Studies from University of Wales at Swansea, as well as M.A. in International Journalism from Cardiff University. Connect on LinkedIn


Selected Publications:

• 2022 Chajdas, Tymoteusz. “Multidirectional Exchange: Mapping the Emergence of the Silk Road Idea as a Global Cultural Imaginary,” In: Chan, K. and Lau G. (eds) Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern and Premodern China: Global Networks, Mediation, and Intertextuality, Hong Kong: Springer.
• 2021 Chajdas, Tymoteusz, “The Silk Road as Global Imaginary,” Global-e Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 17.
• 2020 Chajdas, Tymoteusz. “The Political via the Cinematic: Tracing China’s Transformation Toward a Globally Ambitious State,” Yonsei Journal of International Studies, Vol. 12, Issue 2.
• 2020 Chajdas, Tymoteusz. “Trump’s Media War: Catherine Happer, Andrew Hoskins and William Merrin (eds) Trump’s Media War. London, UK, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, XVII, 272 pp.
• 2019 Chajdas, Tymoteusz. “Misleading Media Portrayals in Globalized World: Justification of State Control through an Orientalist Lens,” In: Chiluwa, Innocent E. (ed.) Deception, Fake News and Misinformation Online, Hershey: IGI Global.
• 2018 Chajdas, Tymoteusz. “BRI Initiative: A New Model of Development Aid?,” In: Chaisse, J. and Gorski, J. (eds) The Belt and Road Initiative: Law, Economics and Politics, Boston: Brill.