Taylor Horton

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2017


Global Governance, Human Rights, and Civil Society


(2017) Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and Italian Studies, University of California, Davis


Taylor is a California native, and received her Bachelor's degree at the University of California, Davis. While she originally sought only a degree in International Relations, she quickly fell in love with the Italian language and chose to pursue it as an additional major. Taylor has studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and has spent time travelling throughout Western Europe. During her time as an undergraduate, Taylor worked for over a year as a tutor in the Italian department. She also interned at Davis Senior High School as a teaching assistant, and considers teaching as one of her greatest passions.

Taylor completed an Honor's Thesis in the Italian department as an undergraduate. Her paper explored Italian identity in times of crisis, namely during the Italian Resistance and the Holocaust, and how the transformation of societal and political identity is portrayed in post-World War II Italian literature. At the graduate level, Taylor has a variety of research interests, ranging from national security and terrorism studies, to immigration and human rights.

Outside of the classroom, Taylor enjoys reading, cooking, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.


Teaching Assistant (F'17): GLOBL 165 - Colonialism, Neocolonialism, and Globalization

Teaching Assistant (W'18): GLOBL 110 - Global Culture and Ethics