Mariah Miller

Graduate Student
PhD Cohort 2016


Global Political Economy, Sustainable Development, Alternative Economies, Cooperatives, Social Entreprises, Corporate Governance



B.A. in History, Oberlin College, USA. 2001.

M.A. in Corporate Finance and Law, ESADE Business School, Spain. 2012.

M.A. in Global Studies, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and University of KwaZulu-Natal, Germany, South Africa and India. 2007.


Mariah has been developing an international perspective on the modern world through personal experience since she traveled from the USA to the Soviet Union at the age of ten.  As an adult, she has traveled extensively, including working in China for two years and in Spain for eight.  In addition, Mariah completed higher level studies in history, global studies and corporate finance and law in universities in the USA, Germany, South Africa, India and Spain. She studied with excellent professors from many countries at these leading institutions, which has given her a deep understanding of the process of globalization from different points of view. In addition to her native language, English, she also speaks fluent Spanish, advanced Chinese, and basic Catalan.



Mariah’s research compares cooperative, non-profit and for-profit social enterprises in three cities in different market economies: Barcelona, Spain; San Francisco, USA; and Chengdu, China.



  • “Covid-19 in Spain” Mariah Miller (2021) in Nederveen Pieterse, Jan, Haeran Lim and Habibul Khondker (eds.) Covid-19 and Governance: Crisis Reveals. Routledge.

  • "How relevant are corporate governance and corporate social responsibility in emerging markets?" Sanjay Peters, Mariah Miller, Sophia Kusyk, (2011), Corporate Governance, Vol. 11 Iss: 4, pp. 429 – 445.

  • "Corporate Governance in China” Mariah Miller, (2010), in López-Tarruella Martínez, Aurelio (ed.) Commerce in China – Business Opportunities, Legal Uncertainties. Tirant lo Blanch.

  • “More Hybrid Than Trendy: Chinese Character Tattoos in Durban” Mariah Miller, (2006), in Kessler, Christl, Gernot Saalmann and Dominique Schirmer (eds.) Hybridising East and West.  LIT- Verlag: Münster.


Teaching Associate (W’22): INT CCS 120: Alternative Foods; Alternative Economies: Creative Collaborations to Reimagine the Food System

Teaching Assistant (Summer’19, Summer’21, S’22) – GLOBL 1 – Global History, Culture and Ethics

Teaching Assistant (W’20, Summer’20) – GLOBL 2 - Introduction to Global Socioeconomic and Political Processes

Reader (S’21): GLOBL 102  - Global Religion

Teaching Assistant (F'17): GLOBL 110 - Global Culture and Ethics

Teaching Assistant (S'18, F’20): GLOBL 120 - Global Ideologies and World Order

Reader (W’21): GLOBL 123 - Introduction to Global Political Economy

Teaching Assistant (W'18): GLOBL 130 - Global Economy and Development