Kaitlyn Noli

MA Cohort 2011


political economy, sustainable development and the environment; public policy, environmental justice, and immigrant rights


Kaitlyn Noli graduated in 2011 from California Lutheran University with a B.A. in international studies. After graduation Kaitlyn began working as a research fellow on a funded faculty-student research project titled “Promoting Environmental Justice in Ventura County: Integrating Science into Civic Engagement.” This project is affiliated with California Lutheran University and is funded by the California Wellness Foundation. Her role on this project focuses on collaborating with community-based organizations in Oxnard, CA to help assess the civic capacity of residents and mobilize this farm worker, immigrant community around local environmental issues.

Kaitlyn continued this project as a graduate student researcher. Her thesis, "The Role of Political Empowerment in Challenging Environmental Injustice: A Case Study in Oxnard, California" explores how processes such as immigration have left many people disenfranchised and lacking the political voice necessary to promote equality and social justice and seeksto understand howpolitical empowerment can be used as a means to challenge environmental injustice in low-income, immigrant communities. Kaitlyn completed her degree in Spring 2013.


Co-author for Science and Society Journal:

Hoang, H., Hanrahan, G. & Noli, K. (2013, currently under review).   Promoting Environmental Justice through University-Community Research Collaborations: The Case Study of Farm Worker Communities in Oxnard, California.  Science in Society

Conference Presentation Papers:

Hoang, H., Hanrahan, G. & Noli, K. (2012). Promoting Environmental Justice in Oxnard, California: Integrating Science into Civic Engagement. Paper presented at the International Making Cities Livable Conference, Portland, Oregon.

Hoang, H., Noli, K.., Vargas, M. (2013).  Enhancing the Civic Capacity of Environmental Justice Communities: The Case Study of Farmworkers in Oxnard, California. Paper presented at the Urban Affairs Association 43rd Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.

Hoang, H., Noli, K., Cooney, J., Vargas, M.  (June 2013; forthcoming)  Promoting Civic Engagement in Farm Worker Communities: A Case Study of Oxnard, California. Paper to be presented at the International Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations Conference, Darwin, Australia.




GLOBL 1 - Global His/Cult/Ideol; FALL 2011
GLOBL 2 - Global Pol/Econ; FALL 2012
GLOBL 1 - Global His/Cult/Ideol; WINTER 2013
SOC 134 G - Green Mov & Parties; SPRING 2013