Frances Iannuzzi

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2022


Global Political Economy & Development


(2022) Sarah Lawrence College - B.A. in Liberal Arts / Concentrations: Political Economy & History


Frances Iannuzzi is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY focusing in Political Economy, Economic Development, and Globalization.

Through her education at Sarah Lawrence under the Oxford-system, Frances was able to complete a number of independent research projects on topics such as: business cycles under neoliberalism; refugee policies in pre- / inter- / and post-war Europe; corporate power in political campaigns domestically and abroad; feminist epistemology; development projects in Myanmar; U.S. democracy promotion in Latin America; and post-genocide citizen participation in tribunals.

Her main interest is in the roles that neoliberalism and globalization play in maintaining state and global hegemonies, propagating armed conflict and civil violence, and the decline of global political, economic, and social structures- specifically in Southeast Asia.