Emily Roehl

Mellon Sawyer Seminar Postdoctoral Scholar

Office Location

SSMS 2127


Emily Roehl recently received her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and has joined UC Santa Barbara as the Mellon Sawyer Seminar Postdoctoral Scholar for 2018-19. Roehl writes about energy, environmental justice, and contemporary art, and she is the co-founder of Minneapolis-based artist book publisher Mystery Spot Books. 

The Energy Justice in Global Perspective 2018-19 Mellon Sawyer Seminar will develop new critical and creative research practices in energy justice by building on emergent work in the humanities and interpretive social sciences, and concentrating on various forms of energy and on some of the places where the problems and possibilities of energy justice are most pressing. Read more about the Mellon Sawyer Seminar here.