Andrea Guerra

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2021


Global Political Economy and Development


University of California, Merced - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, 2021


Andrea Guerra is from the Bay Area, California, in the city of San Jose. During her undergraduate years at UC Merced, she found many interests that allowed her to pursue the field of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. During the completion of her major she was able to complete a minor in Spanish and within the Spanish Department she concentrated on taking courses specific to film and literature analysis. Besides Spanish, Andrea became passionate about interdisciplinary learning and focused on a variety of topics that include immigration studies, bilingual children development, art history, economy and poverty, politics, critical race theory, feminist theory, and a diverse amount of subcategories in ethnic studies. She aspires to continue such an interdisciplinary approach at UC Santa Barbara by focusing on global politics and economic development in connection to the fashion industry and its lack of sustainability.


Guerra, A. (2020). A Successful Border Crossing in Chicken Run. The Undergraduate Historical Journal at UC Merced, 7(1).