Aashish Mehta

Associate Professor

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SSMS 2111


Economic development; Globalization, structural transformation and labor; Education; Publicly provided private goods.


Aashish Mehta is a development economist. Born and raised in India, he trained in economics and energy policy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he completed his PhD in Agricultural and Applied Economics. He spent three years at the Asian Development Bank, working on electricity sector reforms, macroeconomic monitoring and employment-related research, before returning to the academy to teach and conduct research on the political-economy of development.

While his core interests involve globalization, economic development, education and labor markets, his publications cover many other aspects of development policy, including inequality, public services provision, corruption, discrimination and commodity price management.  His work appears in a wide variety of peer-reviewed economics and public policy journals.

Professor Mehta received UCSB’s Distinguished Teaching Award in 2017.

Academic Vita

Associate Professor, Global Studies
Research Associate, Broom Center for Demography


Journal Articles

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Economics / Political-Economy Articles

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  • Metrics that Matter: Student life in the quantified university (with Zachary Bleemer, Christopher Muellerleile, Mukul Kumar and Christopher  Newfield). Johns Hopkins University Press (forthcoming).

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In the works..

  • What does economic growth do to public services corruption? (with Amit Ahuja).
  • Does studying economics change your political perspective? (with Zachary Bleemer)
  • Trade liberalization and inequality as if businessmen existed (with Andrew Dawson, Miguel Flores Segovia and Asha Sundaram)
  • Does the US Nanotechnology sector suffer a skills gap? (with Stacey Frederick and Rachel Parker)


Global 130: Global Economy and Development [syllabus –Spring 2017]
Global 136: Global Imbalances  [syllabus - Spring 2017]
Global 224: Global Studies Research Methods [syllabus - Fall 2018]
Global 234: Globalization and Markets (a.k.a. Microeconomics for Global Studies) [syllabus – Winter 2013]
Global 236: The Global Economy (a.k.a. Macroeconomics for Global Studies) [syllabus – Spring 2016]