First UCSB Global Studies PhD Defense - Theo LeQuesne

Please come and support our first Global Studies PhD Defense - Theo LeQuesne!

Theo is finishing his dissertation this quarter and would like to invite you to his defense on Friday December 6th at 1pm in SSMS 2001. He will deliver a short presentation outlining the dissertation’s structure along with his research agenda, key findings and conceptual contributions. A public question and answer session with his committee will follow the presentation. The dissertation is titled Petro-Hegemony and the Carbon Rebellion: Strategies, Narratives and Tactics on the Frontlines of Climate Justice. It explores the relations of power through which the fossil fuel industry maintains and extends its hegemonic status, and the strategies, narratives, and tactics climate justice activists are deploying to counter its hegemony. The dissertation draws upon field research in community-led frontlines struggles with fossil fuel companies to keep fossil fuels in the ground and arrest the climate crisis in Coast Salish Territory, British Columbia and Richmond, California.