The Global Dimensions of Religious Othering

Event Date: 

Friday, February 15, 2019 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
Dear Graduate Students,
You are cordially invited to attend any part of the one-day workshop being held in the Mosher Alumni House on Friday, 2/15/19. Below is the schedule.
Title: The Global Dimensions of Religious Othering
Organizers: Professors Kathie Moore and Mark Juergensmeyer
Abstract: The topic of religious othering -- stereotyping of people of other faiths in a prejudicial way  -- has become an aspect of nationalist politics and social conflict around the world. At Goettingen University in Germany and UC Santa Barbara in the United States, the global dimensions of religious othering will be the focus of two workshops, exploring the various ways in which religious phenomena are related to the process of othering -- identifying and maintaining group boundaries between those who share a particular form of religious phenomena and those who do not. By "religious phenomena" we mean religious identities, ideologies, practices, organizations, leadership, cultural attitudes, and values that are related to the social, cultural, political, and personal aspects of othering in communities and societies around the world. Papers are both theoretical and case studies.
Location: Henley Board Room, Mosher Alumni House

10-11:45 Friday first panel: Concepts and Case Studies

                Moderator: TBN

1.       Giles Gunn, UC-Santa Barbara, “Othering in Ethical Theory”

2.      James Aho, Idaho State University, “The Big Lie” (not present, paper submitted)

3.      Diana Dimitrova, McGill University, “The Concept of Otherness in Western and South Asian Thought: Is Religious Othering Universal?”

4.      Mark Juergensmeyer, UC-Santa Barbara, “Othering in ISIS”

5.      Amarnath Amarasingam, U of Waterloo, “Jihadist Othering: The Experience of Friends and Family of Foreign Fighters”


    1-2:45 Second panel: Islamophobia

          Moderator: Paul Amar, UCSB Global Studies Department           

1.       Kathie Moore, UC-Santa Barbara, “U.S. Law, Politics and Islamophobia”

2.      Jamel Velji, Claremont McKenna College, “Gazing at Origins: Coffee and the Muslim Other”

3.      Michael Jerryson, Youngstown State University, “Buddhists, Muslims, and the Construction of Difference”

4.      Matt Wilson, Gonzaga University, “The Piety of Other-ing in Polemical Debate: Praxis or Crisis?” 

5.      Flora Ferati Sachsenmeier, “Balkan Muslims: the Struggle from the Muslim 'Other' to 'European Islam'”


  3-4:45 Third panel:  Othering and Asia

       Moderator: Fabio Rambelli. UCSB Religious Studies Department

1.       Ellen Van Goethem, Kyushu University, “The Others Within: Architecture, Activism, and Advertising at Heian Jingu”

2.      Liza Kam, Research Fellow, Max-Plank Institute for Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Goettingen University, “Shinto and its Othering: Colonial Shinto Shrines and Their Various Mutated Forms since the Post-War Era as Material Evidence of Failed Indoctrination of Shinto in Taiwan.”

3.      Dominic Sachsenmeier, Goettingen University, “Ethnicity and Religious Othering: Perspectives from the History of Chinese Christianity.”

4.      Christoph Zimmer, Goettingen University, “Disrupted Loyalties?: 21st Century Sinicization of the 'Christian Other'”