Global South Scholar Lecture Series: From the Revolutionary Cartesian Subject to the 21st Century Revolutionary Socialist Subject

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 - 4:00pm

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  • Mosher Alumni House

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Based on her witnessing of the human conflicts in the countries of the Southern Cone and Venezuela, Professor Angeleri will give a lecture based on her current research on what she calls a “Blood and Mud History of Globalization” from the perspective of Latin America. The lecture is drawn from a project that focuses upon critical issues related to the production of scientific and philosophical knowledge. Her lecture will attempt to outline a conceptual field intended to help us understand how to approach contemporary global issues from Venezuela. Professor Angeleri’s lecture will place Latin American epistemologies within their relationship to European modernity and philosophical traditions and will discuss the peripheralization of Latin America as constitutive of the West’s self-constitution as the exclusive site of universality. This regulatory epistemological apparatus guaranteed that Latin America and its realities would have no say in matters of world-historic importance, despite constituting the very conditions of possibility for Western universalisms. The lecture will consider how this framing has conditioned contemporary Western misapprehensions regarding the “resuscitation” of socialism in the Global South (specifically in Venezuela for this talk) and how such deep levels of popular resistance to neoliberal imperialist capitalism indexes the ideological distortions operative behind hegemonic claims that postmodern diversity constitutes the foundation of neoliberal democracy. 

Followed by reception