PhD Graduate Student Research Fellowship Awards

Award Recipient: 

Tym Chajdas, Sylvia Cifuentes, Sarp Kurgan, Mariah Miller, Pratik Raghu

Award Date: 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Congratulations to several of our Global Studies PhD student awardees that have received competitive fellowships from Graduate Division and external agencies to support their research in the coming year:

Graduate Division Humanities & Social Sciences Research Grant:
Tym Chajdas
Sylvia Cifuentes
Sarp Kurgan
Mariah Miller
Pratik Raghu

The award is given to assist talented graduate students in education, social sciences, fine arts, and humanities to pursue original research. Since these disciplines traditionally have limited access to extramural funds, this program's purpose is to help redress an imbalance in funding for graduate research.

Graduate Division Graduate Research Mentorship Program Fellowship: Sarp Kurgan

The award is intended to assist recipients in acquiring and developing sophisticated research skills under faculty mentorship. Faculty mentors are expected to assist students with research leading to the development and timely completion of a doctoral dissertation.

Confucius Institute China Studies Program Joint Research PhD Fellowship: Mariah Miller

The Confucius China Studies Program Fellowship provides generous funding and support to doctoral students focusing on China. The CCSP fellowships are administered through the Institute of International Education (IIE).The Research Ph.D. Fellowship provides funding to U.S.-based students who wish to pursue China-related doctoral research across a broad range of fields in the arts, education, humanities and social sciences.