Miles Krumpak

Graduate Student
MA Cohort 2015


Political Economy, Sustainable Development, and the Environment


Miles is from Los Angeles, CA and completed his undergraduate education at UC Santa Barbara in 2012. Miles has diverse academic interests and graduated with a major in environmental studies and a minor in Spanish literature. When presented with the opportunity to study abroad, he immediately accepted and found himself transplanted into the bustling Chilean capital of Santiago.

Miles dedicated himself to understanding Latin American culture and society, along with the many social and environmental challenges of the region. He became so immersed in this new reality that he extended his year-long study abroad program, becoming the only UC student to study in Chile for a total of three semesters. Outside of the classroom he was fascinated by the raw intensity of political protests and how this contrasted with the serene, natural environment the country possessed. Miles also found time to explore other countries including Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador. After graduating from UCSB, Miles returned to Chile and taught in two different public schools through the United Nations English Opens Doors Program. He continued to investigate the South American continent by whatever means possible and wrote experimental poetry and prose based on his unique experiences interacting with various cultures.

As an MA student, Miles would like further develop his theoretical background regarding global politics and sustainable development so that he can create plausible solutions to international environmental problems. He is interested in utilizing renewable energy and organic farming as potential solutions. Although Miles has a particular interest in Latin America, he feels that many developing nations face similar challenges and would like to perform research in several distinct geographic locations to better understand these challenges. Apart from his academic passions, Miles loves to surf, play music, and write poems.


Teaching Assistant (F'15): GLOBL 2 - Global Socioeconomic and Political Processes

Teaching Assistant (S'16): GLOBL 1 - Global History, Culture and Ideology

Teaching Assistant (S'17): GLOBL 120 - Global Ideologies and World Order