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January 2014 marked the fourteenth anniversary of the establishment of UCSB’s pioneering Global & International Studies Program. When established in early 1999, it was widely recognized as one of the nation's first interdisciplinary undergraduate majors in international studies to focus on globalization. Today, the Program has a highly successful Masters Program in Global Studies, a PhD emphasis in Global Studies, and began accepting applications for its PhD in Global Studies last fall, 2014.

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UCSB Department of Global Studies

UCSB’s Global Studies Department Welcomes the New School Year

MA alumna, Alanna Pardee, Internship in Nambia.

MA alumna, Alanna Pardee, during internship in Nambia, 2009.

MA candidate, Miranda Fox and Former President Bill Clinton.

MA candidate, Miranda Fox and Former President Bill Clinton.

Global News

 - UCSB researchers say EU-Turkey deal on refugees glosses over the legal and geopolitical realities of the migrant crisis.

Last Sunday, February 7, 2016, the day of the Super Bowl, over 50 students from the Global...

The international Summer School, “Decolonizing Knowledge and Power,” is an undertaking that aims at enlarging the scope of the conversation (analysis and investigation) of the hidden agenda of modernity (that is, coloniality) in the sphere of knowledge and higher education. This course is offered through the Center of Study and Investigation for Decolonial Dialogues, in Barcelona, Spain, in collaboration with the Ethnic Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley. 

Our very own Professor Giles Gunn examines evolution of global ethics, and his own thinking in his new book Ideas to Live For.


“When I got the chance to move into global studies, it was as though I’d finally found myself, at what was then age 60, in the field I’d always been longing to identify myself with,” said Gunn, a UCSB faculty member since 1985 and a founder of the institution’s well-regarded global studies program. “And since then I’ve been able, in a much more indulgent, but also an active and aggressive way, to pursue the kind of intellectual issues I really am grappling with. I’ve always been interested in ethical questions. What is the better life to be led under particular circumstances, in the face of certain specific challenges? 

"The Haiti Sustainable Development Research Collaborative : The Carrefour - Feuilles Neighborhood Redevelopment Project"

Along with undergraduate and Ph.D students, Professor Nadege Clitandre took a trip to Haiti in June 2015 where they tried to conceptualize short and long term development prospect in the earthquake- devastate community of Carrefour- Feuilles. The UCSB community interacted with different Haitian communities, ranging from governmental leaders to grassroots organizations and residents.

Watch the video of our trip!


Global Events

Leonard Hammer, professor at University of Arizona, has two decades of experience in international law and human rights, and also applies his expertise to questions of environmental justice. This talk complements the Strategic Environmental Research Initiative (SERI) on Equity and the Environment, which is ongoing this year. Join us to hear Dr. Hammer's intriguing perspective on solving environmental problems in ways that benefit the people whom they affect most.

  1. May 2, 2016 - 11:30am