LING 194 - Introduction to Indigenous Worldviews

There is still some space in LING 194/594, the new fall course offered by Dr. Geneva Becenti, the first UCSB American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS) Postdoctoral Scholar/Lecturer.

LING 194 Introduction to Indigenous Worldviews 

This course offers an inter-disciplinary academic exploration of perspectives on Indigenous Worldviews on education, cultures, language, and, leadership. The Indigenous Worldviews are perspective from Indigenous knowledge and thought in relation to environment. These worldviews are essential tools to learn and understand the research issues in Indigenous communities.

The course is open to both undergraduate (194) and graduate (594) students. There are no prerequisites.
Dr. Becenti specializes in Indigenous research methods, critical research on Indigenous languages and politics in public schools, and Indigenous worldviews, with an additional expertise in community partnership projects with public schools. Her teaching is influenced by her upbringing as a Diné (Navajo) speaker and scholar and her experiences from a Diné worldview perspective in Western education.