We are recruiting applicants for MA and PhD programs!

Global Studies is an emergent field concerned with understanding the historical and contemporary phenomenon of globalization that seeks to promote critical reflection on how the world works as an interlinked, interactive set of processes and relationships. Global Studies is a synthesis of social science and humanities perspectives distinguished by its engagement with transnationalism, problem focus, and exploration of interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, and trans-disciplinary modes of inquiry.  As a field, Global Studies now encompasses over 300 undergraduate and graduate programs nationwide, as well as over 60 graduate programs worldwide. Our faculty teach and conduct research in the department's three thematic concentrations: (i) global culture, ideology and religion; (ii) global political economy, development and environment, (iii) global governance, civil society and human rights.

The Fall 2018 online application (https://www.graddiv.ucsb.edu/eapp/) will become available in mid-September. The application deadline is December 15, 2017

Admission decisions are based upon the overall strength of application materials as a whole, compared to other applicants in that pool, not solely on the basis of one particular aspect.  The admissions committee will consider the candidate’s GRE score, transcripts, letters of recommendation, research/writing sample, GPA, and possibly skype/phone interviews, when making decisions about admission. The candidate’s academic orientation and fit with our field and faculty are also important considerations that should be reflected in the statement of purpose. Please be advised that all applicants must have taken and received scores for the GRE (plus the TOEFL or IELTS exam for those for whom English is not a first language). Intensive preparation for the GRE is recommended.

Before applying, applicants should also read and research the published work of our faculty (http://www.global.ucsb.edu/people/academic) in your intended field of research. This may be useful to include in your statement of purpose as well.

Prospective applicants may also wish to explore the research interests of our current graduate students:




Please examine closely the posted information about the application process to our graduate programs prior to applying (see links below). Applicants may only apply to one program at UCSB at a time.  Please remember that our M.A. and Ph.D. are separate programs, and that admission to the M.A. is not routinely transferrable to the Ph.D.






General Admissions Assistance:

Financial support options are available to MA and PhD students, including Teaching Assistant (TA) and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) positions, department stipends, in addition to campus and departmental fellowships. The MA program has enjoyed twelve years of success. It takes two years to complete the MA program, which usually includes a research trip or internship abroad. MA students are fully supported for their first year, but are generally required to TA at least two quarters. In their second year, M.A.s are offered tuition remission and additional, partial support for internships and some TAships, but usually need to pursue some additional funding across the university.  

The PhD program is relatively new (our first cohort of students are starting their third-year). The program takes approximately 5-6 years to complete, although there may be ways to speed up your graduation time (i.e. by taking larger course loads in the second year and completing Qualifying Exams in your third year).  Since we only admit a small number of PhD applicants, many (but not necessarily all) applicants receive some type of funding.  Ph.D. funding is usually based on a combination of outside fellowships, university fellowships, department stipends, and several years of guaranteed TAships. In the third year and beyond, most Ph.D.s will need to apply for outside fellowships and may have opportunities for teaching and research posts.

You will automatically be considered for all applicable support while your application is being evaluated for admission. Additional fellowship details:


For further information about application process, aid, or criteria, please contact the departmental Graduate Advisor at: 


If you have questions about issues of research, curriculum, or advising, please contact the Director of the Graduate Programs, Professor Paul Amar:   amar@global.ucsb.edu   

Applicants are also invited to reach out with specific questions to any other member of the faculty whose work interests them.

Warm regards and thanks for your interest!