BREXIT: Why Indians voted ‘Leave’

Why did many So Asian immigrants in the UK vote for Brexit? An interesting analysis in Punjab's leading newspaper by our own visiting professor of Sikh Studies in the Global Studies Department, Dr. Shinder Thandi.

THE only clear winner in Britain’s last week referendum is Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, a fiercely anti-EU and anti-immigration party. Whereas the ‘Remain’ campaign focused on more broad range of costs and benefits of leaving the EU, the ‘Leave’ campaign totally embraced the xenophobic and hate-filled anti-EU agenda which UKIP had been pursuing for several years, but with only limited success. At the last general election in May 2015, UKIP got 4 million votes, but given the nature of British parliamentary system, they only succeeded in getting one MP. But in this referendum, every vote counted and the ‘Leave’ campaign rallied over 17 million voters across all political parties, all classes and all regions.  Thousands of British-Indians also obliged by voting for ‘Leave’ and given the close nature of the overall result, it would not be surprising if Britain’s Indian diaspora helped in tilting the balance. But why would British-Indians belonging to different socio-economic groups and with varying religious affiliations choose to ‘Vote Leave’?  Read More.