Courses on Requirement Sheet

Courses offered Fall 2019 on the Global Studies Requirement Sheet   (FALL 2019)

Full requirements for the Global Studies major (and pre-major, only for new freshmen admitted for Fall 2019) can be found here. (Current students and transfers as of the start of Fall 2019, you can ignore the "Pre-Major: Area II" history classes and treat Global 1 + 2 as part of your "preparation for the major.")

Note: not all classes will have seats available, even for declared Global Studies majors. Transfer students will have some seats saved for some core courses.

  • Please see this link for more information about crashing courses and getting on the wait list.
  • Please see this link for more information about what other Global Studies-matched classes to take if you are waiting to take Global Studies classes that are already too full.
  • Remember: you'll still need to fill your schedule with other classes. Do you still need to finish required general education classes? Foreign language requirement? Upper division electives that may or may not be related to your major requirements? Click here for ideas. (Remember: you need 60 upper division units to graduate, and only 36 of those come from your Global Studies requirements.)
 Preparation for the major 
IGlobal Studies 1, 2 (these are prerequisites for Global 110/120/130. They do not need to be taken in order and can be taken during the same quarter.)
II. One course from the following: Economics 1; Environmental Studies 1; Feminist Studies 20; Geography 5; Political Science 6, 7; Sociology 1
III. One course from the following: Art History 6K; Middle East Studies 45 (+ HIST 49C by petition)
**If needed for your overall upper division credit count, upper division courses can substitute for PREP AREA III, some suggestions for these offered below   (introduces students to a geographic region)           
AFRICA:   Art Hist 127A
BL ST 165 - African Pop Culture*** (added June 5, 2019)
Upper-division major
I.  Global Studies 110, 120, 130 (110/120/130 will likely be all offered in Winter 2020 and Spring 2020) 
II. Three or four courses selected from the following electives in Global Topics
A. Global Studies 162, 172, 197
**There will be more of these GLOBAL electives in Winter & Spring (6 or 7 are planned for each quarter)**
B.  Asian American Studies 130; Black Studies 161; Economics 180, 181; Environmental Studies 130A; Political Science 121, 175; Religious Studies 102A, 113; Sociology 122GI, 130GR
III. Two or Three courses selected from one of the following geographic regions:
A. Africa:   Art History 127A; History 148B
B. The Middle East:    Religious Studies 181F
C. South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific: no courses
D. East Asia:   Japan 112; Korean 175
E. North America:   Asian American Studies 100AA-ZZ, 122, , 132; Chicana/o Studies 138; English 104A;   Music 114
F. Latin America:    Film and Media Studies 127  cancelled
G. Europe & Eurasia:   English 104B; Spanish 153  (check carefully to see if this class is taught in Spanish)