Courses on Requirement Sheet

Courses on Requirement Sheet   (FALL 2019)

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IGlobal Studies 1, 2
II. One course from the following: Economics 1; Environmental Studies 1; Feminist Studies 20; Geography 5; Political Science 6, 7; Sociology 1
III. One course from the following: Art History 6K; Middle East Studies 45 (+ HIST 49C by petition)
** U. Div courses can substitute for PREP AREA III   (introduces students to a geographic region)           
AFRICA:   Art Hist 127A
BL ST 165 - African Pop Culture*** (added June 5, 2019)
I.  Global Studies 110, 120, 130
II. Three or four courses selected from the following electives in Global Topics
A. Global Studies 162, 172, 197
**There will be more of these GLOBAL electives in Winter & Spring (6 or 7 are planned for each quarter)**
B.  Asian American Studies 130; Black Studies 161; Economics 180, 181; Environmental Studies 130A; Political Science 121, 175; Religious Studies 102A, 113; Sociology 122GI, 130GR
III. Two or Three courses selected from one of the following geographic regions:
A. Africa:   Art History 127A; History 148B
B. The Middle East:    Religious Studies 181F
C. South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific: no courses
D. East Asia:   Japan 112; Korean 175
E. North America:   Asian American Studies 100AA-ZZ, 122, , 132; Chicana/o Studies 138; English 104A;   Music 114
F. Latin America:    Film and Media Studies 127  cancelled
G. Europe & Eurasia:   English 104B; Spanish 153  (maybe in Spanish?)