The Global Studies Lunch Seminar

The Global Studies Lunch Seminar aims to tighten intellectual connections across the global studies community, to facilitate feedback on substantially complete work, to assist scholars preparing work for a global studies audience, and to expose graduate students to the practice of serious research and research presentation.  Presentations will be generally be made by global studies faculty (affiliates and core) and invited guests. 

The seminar will meet every other Wednesday, 12-1 pm in 2001 SSMS, with the possibility of extended discussions.  Feel free to bring lunch.  Papers will typically be posted at least a week in advance. When a paper is not yet available, authors will typically post a recent, related paper.

Please check back for schedule updates.

Please email Eve Darian-Smith to schedule/discuss a presentation.


Schedule 2014-2015

November 19, 2014, 11:00 a.m.
Professor Mark Juergensmeyer
How will ISIS end?
An overview of ISIS (aka Islamic State, ISIL) in Syria and Iraq-- where it came from, who supports it, how it might come to an end -- put in the context of the global rise of religious activism in the post-Cold War world.


Schedule 2013-2014

Date Speaker Title
19 February Lalaie Ameeriar

Containing Terrorism: Racialization, South Asian Bodies, the Politics of Transnationalism.

For a recent, related paper, click here.

2 April Jan Nederveen Pieterse Rethinking Modernity and
Capitalism: Add Context and Stir [Abstract] (Paper)
9 April Michael Stohl Known and Unknown Knowns and Unknowns: al-Qaeda and the "Global  Network" of Terror [Abstract]

PDFs of two related papers: Stohl & Stohl (2007, 2011)

16 April Taras Tsybmal (Faculty of Sociology, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine); Fullbright Visiting Scholar, UCSB)

Ukraine's Euromaidan Protest: Driving Forces and Competing Interpretations

An introductory essay by Prof. Tsymbal is available here in English and Spanish.

30 April Nadege Clitandre

Haiti: Exception and  Exceptionalism.

(A related, earlier paper)

14 May Michael Curtin and John Vanderhoef A Vanishing Piece of the Pi: The Globalization of Visual Effects Labor (Paper)
28 May No Meeting


11 June Javiera Barandiaran Environment, Science and Law in Chile: A Case of Incredible Government?