Farsi And Arabic Translators Currently Needed At LAX To Assist Detainees

On Saturday afternoon, an immigrant legal aid organization made a public request for Arabic and Farsi translators to help them assist individuals currently detained at Los Angeles International Airport following the executive order issued by President Donald Trump yesterday. A number of longtime permanent residents of the U.S. from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are currently detained at LAX, according to Lindsay Toczylowski, the executive director at Immigrant Defenders Law Center.

The exact number of detainees remains unknown, and legal groups have been coordinating directly with families who are desperately awaiting loved ones at the airport. Toczylowski told LAist that they were trying to gather as much information as possible, and that the detainees included longtime permanent U.S. residents who just happened to be returning to the country today.

"I don't think we have a grasp yet of the actual numbers, there's just a lot of family and friends left without any answers, so we're trying to communicate with them," Meeth Soni, directing attorney at Immigrant Defenders Law Center told LAist.

If you can translate Farsi or Arabic and would like to volunteer your time, please contact the Immigrant Defenders Law Center. The organization has said that sending a Facebook message is currently the best way to quickly reach them (here's a link to their Facebook page).