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Peak energy, climate change, and the collapse of global civilization:
the current peak oil crisis (2nd edition)

November 30, 2010

The 2nd edition release of Peak Energy, Climate Change, and the Collapse of Global Civilization: The current Peak Oil Crisis was released subsequent to the release of the 1st edition in October. The 2nd edition is now available an eBook (pdf file). The electronic version of this report can be found here.

This report is a synthesis of the current state of knowledge on energy resources and global climate and environmental change. The findings clearly indicate that the convergence of peak energy resources and dangerous anthropogenic climate and environmental change will likely have a disastrous impact in the near- and long-term on the quantity and quality of human life on the planet (see synopsis).

The World in 2030: Geopolitics & Global Climate Change
June 24-25, 2010

The Orfalea Center for Global & International Studies/United Nations University
2030 Project on Global Futures

The two-day meeting at UCSB, that was held on June 24-25, 2010 is part of a multi-year collaborative project entitled “Global Futures: The Transnational World of 2030.” This summer's program launched a new phase of the project and taking global climate change as its central theme. The choice of theme also reflects the start of the project, “Global Climate Change, Human Security, & Democracy” under the auspices of the Orfalea Center and directed by Richard Falk and Hilal Elver.

Project Launch
March 8, 2010

The “Global Climate Change, Human Security, & Democracy” project was formally launched on March 8, 2010 at a reception hosted by Henry Yang, the Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) at which Moulay Hicham and Richard Falk discussed the undertaking by reference to its rationale and goals.