Letter from the Chair

Dear Friends—

We are proud to be leading global education and scholarship for the 21st century.  Our world is shaped tremendously by globalization in all its forms. Conflict, trade, migration, cultural exchange, global movements, public health, and struggles over resources, rights, and religions all cross borders to affect every corner of the planet we share. Through our classes educating thousands of undergraduates each year, we are fostering greater global understanding for the rising generation.  In our M.A. and Ph.D. programs, we are training leaders in global scholarship and global citizenship. Our notable international faculty are producing path-breaking research on global governance, political economy, and cultures.  Please join us in supporting global learning with the resources we need to contribute our knowledge to UCSB, California, our nation, and our world.  

Thank you!

Dr. Alison Brysk

Chair, Global Studies
Mellichamp Chair of Global Governance